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4:07 p.m. - 2005-04-11

My mind's a blur. There's a lot of stuff whitling around in it and not much focus.

I have never been close to anyone suffering real physical and sexual abuse before. It leaves me at a loss sometimes. I always want to fix things, and this is something I just can't fix. All I can do is be a friend.

With the warmer weather, I have spent a lot of time getting windows open which have been shut for the better part of a decade. One of my bedroom windows took me an hour and I ended up inadvertently carving a massive chunk out of the upper frame. But it opens!! Ah, the joys of a 70 year old house.

Tim came over Thursday and we had carry-out gyros and played Rummikub and drank a nice chardonay.

Friday, I took off to make up for working the weekend in Charlotte. I mainly hung around the house and did some lite hiking.

I went to visit Steve on Friday evening. He, DJ and I went to see young Scott in his senior high school play, "The Sound of Music." He was Max Detweiler, but I told him that the alpine hat and bushy mustache wasn't a great look for him.

I saw in the program that Scott had played Wilbur in Charlotte's Web. He doesn't have the nose for that part.


When we got back home, we watched "I, Robot" (pretty good) then spent Saturday just being lazy.

Saturday evening I was back in town for a progressive dinner with Nancy and the old church friends group.

Sunday, I bought some new patio furniture and enjoyed a warm evening outside. I talked a bit with my neighbor Jay.

I did meet Logan, my back door neighbor the other day. He's a city cop, pretty high up and a marine type of guy. I like Jay better.

Logan though asked if the previous owner had left a garage full of crap. How did he know?

I've written some in part 2 again, so check it out.

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