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10:41 a.m. - 2004-09-06

"Where the hell have you been, Badger?"

I know / hope you are asking me this. I trust there are still some of you who read this occaisionally.

I've been on a spirit quest of sorts. I tooka fairly impromptu vacation to Canada - gay Canada.

No, I didn't find Mr. Right and run away to get married. But I did find my courage that had been hiding for so long. And I met some neat people along the way.

Of course you are wondering what the hell am I doing travelling on vacation when I travel for work. Remeber I love to travel. And this was fun.

And a quest to find myself, remold myself and get out of the Midwest for a spell. To be in places that take pride in their gay communities.

So where did I go?

Saugatuck, MI (billed as the Midwest version of Provincetown. Never been to P-town but S-tuck was very gay comfy.)

Toronto - I stayed at a gay B&B two blocks from Church St / Wellesley Village. (need to check my QAF collection to see if any scenes look familiar)

Ottawa - where my guide thru Parliament proudly proclaimed that Canada is a country that is committed to treating all people with respect. They seemed to be practicing what we in the U.S. preach.

Montreal - cute boys with French accents - another gay B&B in Le Village - and Jimmy.

Quebec City - yes you can drive to Europe.

Lake Champlain - one hour cruise for me and my red four-wheeled buddy - no shipwreck

Adirondacks - Lots of lakes

Erie - Biking around Presque Isle

Cleveland - lunch in the Flats and 3 ships pass within feet me !!! Planes, trains & ships in one spot - yea!

Home again feeling fulfilled.

I want to thank Nancy for giving me a kick in the butt to get me going and her influence to get me to stay at gay B&B's. Not only was it "family" but it was a great opportunity to socialize for a guy on his own.

So thanks Peter, Michael, Lucy (the dog), Paul, Rob and Yvon for being great hosts.

And I feel confident and renewed.

More later.

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