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2:02 p.m. - 2003-03-03

Happy 03-03-03

Busy weekend. Thursday, Tim and H&B (now known as Hector & Bob) and I went to Tim's for chili and then we went to see Daredevil.

I enjoyed the movie, lots of action. I was disappointed a bit at the Spider Man ripoffs. But then poor Daredevil does suffer from a lack of name recognition. But some of the scenes of Ben Afleck looking nice in his leather suit as he dove from building to building reminded me of the big S Man.

And while Spidey had his web to help him fight the laws of physics, Daredevil seemed only to have blind courage, which seems a little weak against the evil clutches of gravity. Oh, well. Suspend your sense of reality and just enjoy.

And don't be in too big a hurry to leave once the credits roll.

On Friday, I had these plans to just lay low. I definitely didn't want to go out of town with Kevin. I was too tired. But when Jon called and wanted to know if I wanted to go to a college production of Anything Goes, I agreed.

So I joined him and his partner and an adorable young oriental for a quick supper (I did salad and diet Coke while everybody else did fried foods and alcohol - yeah me).

The play was done well with some nice dancing, but it's not my favorite play.

Okay, so Saturday I'd just lay low. Well, after I had breakfast with my parents. Salad was tossed aside for sausage and eggs and hash browns.

I managed to stay home and clean the back room until about 3:30 when Kevin called and asked if I wanted to go shopping. I did.

Later in the evening, Hector and Bob were hosting a video night. Kevin didn't want to go, so I dropped him off at home.

We watched "Red Dirt", a humid, drawling southern tale about an insane woman, her cute "nephew", the girl he's porking under the spreading willow tree, and the rugged gay boarder who the nephew takes an interest in.

But this movie, while artistic, stayed mired in the Mississippi mud and stayed as lathargic as a torrid summer afternoon.

The two guy's relationship never got off the ground and there was way too little gratuitous nudity.

Later that night I met Jon and his partner at the video bar for a Mardi Gras party. It was fun. I knew several people and did my social butterfly bit. Surprisingly Kevin wasn't there, but he was a bit under the weather. Also he had fallen on the ice and really bruised his tailbone. So I imagine spending the evening on a barstool would have been quite uncomfy. Of course I had to tease him about not being able to have sex either.

Jon observed that I knew more people there than he did. And I quite enjoyed the 3 or 4 young slinky guys that were doing impromptu dances.

And I had to ask Jon's partner if he actually "worked" for all the beads he had around his neck. He didn't.

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to the redneck church with my folks. Ugh. Then I did Chinese with them, hit the gym, met Nancy for supper and went to Gene's to catch the premeires fo "Six Feet Under" and "Queer as Folk".

I feel like I sometimes act a bit "gayer" than I used to. Part of it is no longer needing to keep up the straight pretense. But I do wonder if some gays intentionally flame a bit to set off other guy's gaydar.

Like an airplane transponder, this sends a strong identity message to those who might be receptive.

I have heard the term "prattle on" used in the UK. But it's not a phrase that really meant anything much to me until I started working with this particular British guy. And he definitely does "prattle on" and it's neither charming nor cute. In fact it is extremely irritating.

I've never really encountered anyone who was quite the innane conversationalist and would do anything to keep talking and dominate the conversation.

Most Americans of this ilk are just boorish loudmouthed braggarts. They usually just blurt it out and destroy the conversation with their vocal trump card. Conversing with a prattler just makes you want to gnaw your arm off to escape.

Anyway, have a nice 03-03-03!!!

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