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12:59 p.m. - 2002-02-18

Finished reading "Rides of the Midway" by Lee Durkee which deals with the coming of age of a troublemaker who has to navigate a Mississippi world of drugs, religion, hauntings and girls/women as he comes to terms with life and the consequences of his actions. Noel Weatherspoon - clairvoyant, asthmatic, insomniac, mercy-killer, vandal, dope-dealer, failed baseball star, virgin, and wanna-be erotic photographer. How can you not be endeared to this guy? Not gay but a good read.

Our son is a certified hottie! Thin, blond and gorgeous, he definitely merged the best of both of us and supercharged it. Then with his new haircut… well, no wonder all the girls are after him. I am so amazed, and he is not conceited, barely aware of his looks. (And NO YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM… vultures).

Just talked to the mortgage company. They are still waiting for a release from the previous mortgage holder that was requested Jan 16. And it may another month to get it and 3 weeks after that before they even process it. Sigh.

Saturday went out with our friends LUV2PLA 3 (their vehicle license plate that they were surprised to find out some might think naughty) that live in a neighboring city, the same city I have been going to church in. She delighted in trying to surprise us with a restaurant pick. The first place was totally booked, but we got into the second place, which was a comfy pizza place we had never been to before.

She kept saying it had a supper club atmosphere. Now the term supper club to me conjures up images of 80yo's and membership cards. I guess it just means a anti-trendy restaurant that serves booze.

Afterwards, the next surprise was a closeout video store. Nancy whispered in my ear as we browsed the racks, "Am I correct in assuming you'll be back after church tomorrow to check out the Adult section?"

Mental note - don't date mind readers.

Of course I did go there after church, yesterday, but all they had was girl stuff, not even much decent girl/guy stuff.

I spent the night with Nancy both Friday and Saturday. We had sex a couple of times (non-coital). Are we totally screwed up or what?

A cyber-friend wrote the following which is becoming a mantra for me…

I am a decent man doing the right and difficult and complicated things that must be done to express my love. I have done what can be done. (some things are) out of my control at this moment, which is why I'm using my energy to focus on good things, like getting my body in shape, being supportive to my wife, and remembering that I can feel confident that being a good man is its own reward. Another good man is bound to enter my life when the time is right.

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